Don't have a sad bottom :( Have a HAPPY BOTTOM

Who Uses The Happy Bottom Portable Bidet?

EVERYONE deserves a Happy Bottom Portable Bidet.
Men, Women, Elderly, and Children.
Women with feminine related care.
Those who travel and want to stay fresh and clean.
Athletes, campers, hikers, and vanlife travelers!!
Post surgery and post partum patients.
Persons with disabilities and limited mobility.

    Who uses the Happy Bottom Portable Bidet Peri Bottle


    You'll Feel So Clean!

    Do you want a happy bottom? 
    Happy Bottom Washer is a better way to clean. Whether used as a bidet for washing your bum or for post partum as a peri bottle.  It is used for personal hygiene and care "down there". After using Happy Bottom Washer, really, "You'll feel so clean!"
    A travel bag is included, so you can take it anywhere in the world that your life takes you.
    How to use the Happy Bottom Portable Bidet

    Eco Friendly!

    Investing in a Happy Bottom Bidet can lower your spending on toilet paper by 75% or more! Yes, you read that right. You'll use less TP. Less TP = MORE MONEY!! A Happy Bottom pays for itself in no time!

    You'll also be saving some of the 384 trees that are cut down to make a single person's lifetime supply of toilet paper.


    Benefits of using a happy bottom portable bidet

    Great Design!


    What's better than using toilet paper to clean yourself? Water!!
    Happy Bottom Bidet has a specially designed sprayer to make cleaning yourself with water easy and effective.  Water gets rid of bacteria, keeps you clean, and prevents infections.  Washing with water is a proven method used all around the world to clean oneself, feel fresh, and not stink. 
    Benefits of using Happy Bottom portable bidet
    Details about Happy Bottom Portable Bidet