What's better than using toilet paper to clean yourself? Water!

Happy Bottom Washer has a specially designed angled nozzle sprayer to make cleaning yourself with water easy and effective. Water gets rid of bacteria, keeps you clean, and prevents infections. Washing with water is a proven method used all around the world to clean oneself, feel fresh, and not stink.
The 400ml slim bottle design is ergonomic and easy to hold. A travel bag is included, so you can take it anywhere in the world that your life takes you.

Ocean Wave Blue Happy Bottom Portable


This is our motto for a reason. Seriously, you’ll feel so clean! Have a Happy Bottom at home or on the go. A soft travel bag is included!

ECO-FRIENDLY, GENTLE & NATURAL: What is better at cleaning than toilet paper? Water! Clean using nature’s most pure and gentle method. Plus save and reduce toilet paper consumption.

SLIM BOTTLE. EASY GRIP. Our beautiful slim bottle allows for an easy grip so you can determine the water pressure you prefer when squeezing the bottle.

Happy Bottom Portable Bidet Caribbean Sea Turquoise Portable Bidet with Travel BagGreat for traveling if you don’t have a bidet, I’ve been keeping mine at work.- RobThis is the best product I have found for this purpose!!! It is SOOOO EASY to use, very discreet, and gets the job done!!!- Mar

How to Use Your Happy Bottom